Our Story

Nature Meets Science

At Meticulous Skincare, it begins with research, research, research! How do we conduct our research? Primarily in the field, finding and sourcing the highest quality, most effective ingredients. Ground zero begins with us. If efficacy is not initially found, we move on. If found, it is then validated with others.

Over the years of being an outdoorsman along with not being SPF compliant enough early on, sun damage takes its toll. Father time came knocking. I experienced firsthand the importance of nourishing the inside as well as the outside. Our skincare products are meticulously formulated and produced to nourish your skin, repairing, replenishing, and preventing further damage.

We believe Mother Nature knows best. By combining natural ingredients with technologies producing substantially higher bioavailability with validated science, Meticulous Skincare makes it possible for you to achieve your skincare goals.

Real. Good. Effective. Sustainable.

Meticulous was founded on core principles learned from creating the health and wellness brand UB Super. After a life-changing accident that nearly took my life, I was literally in the fight of my life. Continually sick for several years after head trauma, I was on my own as the medical profession had no answers. After doing all of the research, and then applying what I had learned in the jungle in the Amazon, I found what I was looking for after four years.